Key CX Challenges in the Automotive Industry

Automakers like you are coping with greater demand for connected technologies and smarter service experiences to go with their smarter cars, combined with a growing trend of Millennials who don't buy vehicles.

woman with hand on car steering wheel

As an automotive manufacturer, you face many customer experience challenges. One of the most pressing is the shift from ownership to access: Consumers are beginning to see cars as a service, rather than a must-have possession. A PWC study found that consumers are open to the idea of sharing their cars to make money on their behalf when they’re not using them—which is most of the time.

In addition, there is greater connectivity and technology embedded within the cars being manufactured today; newer models are basically computers on wheels. This has led to a greater demand for connected technologies and cross-channel integration for everything from safety to smart cars to service.

As cars become more complex, though, so do their operating instructions. Millennials don’t want to deal with a long, confusing manual—even if it’s in a digital format. They prefer to use trial and error to learn about their car’s functions, but when they do need help, they want to use a conversational interface and receive tailored, context-specific assistance.

Another major challenge is the question of how to market to Millennials. From 2007 to 2011, the number of cars purchased by people aged 18 to 34 fell almost 30%, and the percentage of Millennials without cars continues to grow. This trend has highlighted the need for automakers to meet Millennials where they live: on their phones. After all, Millennials check their smartphones 43 times a day.

Buying a car is an important purchase that requires shoppers to go back-and-forth between multiple brands and touchpoints before making a decision, introducing a great deal of complexity into the car buying customer journey.

Global brands have become more aware of the impact customer experience has on loyalty and revenue, but few have been able to provide customers with the experience that matters most—not the experience that surprises or delights them, but the one that meets their expectations. Consumers expect automotive brands to reflect the same connectivity and integration now found in their cars throughout the rest of the customer journey. They expect continuity and consistency in the brand experience, whether they’re visiting a dealership, driving one of your cars, using your mobile app, navigating your website, or interacting with you on social media. They expect it to be easy to find answers and get personalized help, no matter where, when, or on what device.

Considering that service has surpassed product as the most important consumer priority, the customer experience is going to make or break the future of auto brands—even more so than the cars you produce.

How your auto brand can conquer top CX challenges

Imagine if your automotive brand was able to provide the personalized, smart, connected experiences your customers expect, while also learning from each interaction. Technology from Astute makes this possible. Our customer engagement platform provides:

Connected customer experiences, whether in-app, on site, or through messaging. Customers receive intelligent answers from bots who can formulate natural-language answers using a variety of source materials. For example, Ford’s app FordPass leverages Astute’s bot technology to deliver relevant, tailored responses to each user. The app can pull answers from Ford’s knowledgebase, internal systems, and even approved external sources, such as ParkWhiz’s parking space finder. Since already has much of the content needed to answer customers’ parking-related questions, the FordPass app can automatically retrieve answers directly from—without the need for Ford to duplicate this content within their knowledgebase.

A smart knowledgebase that can be used by customers, dealerships, and contact center agents. Each audience has their own custom view, but the source information is the same—eliminating the need for duplicate systems and making it easier to maintain accurate information. Astute’s unique learner tool tracks knowledgebase queries to notify you of potential gaps and prompt you to author new content, ensuring that users can find the right answer every time.

Intelligent escalation with full context. When customers are self-serving but need help from a human agent, they can connect via chat, voice, or video with a single click. When they do connect with an agent, the agent is able to see all the contextual details of previous interactions, profile data, purchase history, and more, enabling them to personalize each conversation for the best possible service experience. Customers will be delighted that they don’t have to keep repeating their story.

A central hub of customer information. Astute’s CRM serves as the single source of customer truth, providing a complete history of customer interactions across channels (including individual dealerships), one interface for agents to use regardless of communication platform (social media, email, chat, phone, etc.), and a reliable, comprehensive source of voice of the customer insights. A unified hub also allows OEMs to glean best practices from dealerships and communicate them organization-wide.

Voice of the Customer insights. Using Astute’s VoC tools, you can gather insights from customers to optimize your car configurator tools by aligning them with your shoppers’ needs and expectations; see how your website experience stacks up with other auto manufacturers with Astute’s global benchmark, the largest Voice of the Customer comparative benchmark; analyze your marketing campaigns, including TV ads, with customer feedback to determine what consumers like about your ads and what will work for future campaigns, and close the loop on key experiences at the dealership by giving your sales and service associates the tools and insights they need to make every dealership visit a positive one.

Using the robust features described above, you will be equipped to deliver the level of engagement that your customers have come to expect, driving customer loyalty and higher revenue along the way. Request a demo of our solutions to learn more.

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