Customer expectations are higher than ever. In the age of Customer Experience, listening to your customers is critical. Astute VoC lets you easily engage customers for their feedback with responsive, secure, and accessible survey technology. Know your customers' needs, expectations and perceptions of their experiences at key stages of the customer journey, and inform key decisions using customer-centric insights.

Astute VoC™ helps you get targeted customer feedback that drives business results, including:

Customer Satisfaction

Understand how customers perceive their experiences based on their intent, and what improvements to prioritize to boost satisfaction. Learn More >>

Conversion Optimization

Identify pain points that stand in the way of conversions, and determine key purchase drivers that most impact conversions. Learn More >>

User Experience Enhancements

Improve the intuitiveness of your website and mobile app and make it easier for visitors to successfully complete their tasks on your digital properties. Learn More >>

Customer Confidence Measurement

Determine customer needs, expectations, concerns, and preferences and inform key operational decisions as the economy reopens. Learn More >>

Interaction Experience

Elevate customer care and identify the drivers of great experiences by capturing post-interaction feedback after both live and automated service engagements. Learn More >>

More Astute VoC™ features you'll love:

SaaS Platform

Create and manage all of your Voice of the Customer program and extract insights you can act on, all in one place.

Flexible Feedback Collection

From your website to your mobile app, all the way to SMS and email, engage customers for their feedback how you want, where you want.

Responsive and Accessible Survey Experience

Offer your customers an intuitive and accessible survey experience with a responsive interface that meets WCAG 2.0, Level A & AA guidelines.

Easy to Implement

Implement one code on your site to manage all your Voice of the Customer research, grab a survey link you can easily send to customers by email, or use our dedicated SDKs to collect feedback from your in-app users.

Powerful Integrations

Inject customer feedback into your web analytics, session replay, CRM or customer support systems to add critical context to your existing data sources, and better understand your customers' behavior.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Dig deep into your customer feedback with tools to help you extract key insights you can act on, including interactive dashboards powered by Tableau®, text mining capabilities, and real-time email alerts for feedback that require your immediate attention.

Expert Services

From project management to analytics and BI, our experts support you in every facet of running successful Voice of the Customer research, so you can gain insights to help you elevate experiences.

Secure Feedback Collection

Our Voice of the Customer platform is HITRUST CSF® certified for information security. Rest assured your customer feedback is collected, processed, and stored according to one of the highest levels of security attainable.

What makes Astute different?

Trusted advisor for over 20 years

We act as an extension of your team to help you get the most out of the voice of your customers. Our experts have helped launch thousands of projects for the world's leading brands.

All-in-one, enterprise-class platform

Run the whole show from the Astute VoC platform. Create new surveys in 35 languages, publish changes in real-time, and pull insights from your customer feedback with advanced reporting tools.

Unrivaled flexibility and services

Every business is unique. Your VoC projects should reflect that. We work with you to design, launch, and manage branded projects tailor-made to your specific needs, and to extract insights you can use.

Astute VoC™ Awards

Customers seeing success with Astute VoC™

"At Mercedes-Benz, we’re committed to responding to our customers faster and more effectively. We can now combine detailed, actionable insights gained through their Voice of Customer solution with industry-specific intelligence provided by their Automotive Program to create a better online experience for our customers."
– Supervisor of Digital Marketing