An AI-driven, unified social media marketing platform to help you plan, create, and publish great content. Engage meaningfully with audiences in real time. Measure & benchmark performance and keep moving forward.

Socialbakers helps the world’s leading brands and agencies transform how they approach social marketing. Here's how:

Content Strategy & Publishing

No mess, no stress. Centralized data, audience insights, planning, and publishing helps teams land on the best ideas and deliver resonating content, faster.

Analytics & Benchmarks

Best-in-class analytics without compromise. Organic & paid, competitor content, critical benchmarks. With unified data and on-demand dashboards, everyone’s keyed in.

Community Management

People-focused engagement & care. Growing brand loyalty, showing up for customers. The all-in-one communication center lets nothing slip by.

Socialbakers helped Ferrara achieve an 1,000%+ increase in social engagement.

"We really see content as currency, and aim to give our fans a reason to keep engaging with us. To do that, we have to tap into relevant brand insights. Socialbakers’ data helps us create socially relevant content."
– Andrea Easley, Social Media Manager